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Decoy Card Set

Decoy Card Set

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How to use

Your Decoy Wallet is already equipped with most of the items needed. To make your Decoy Wallet more authentic, we recommend adding items with a more "personal" touch - a photo of a family pet, a random receipt, or even a hand-written grocery list would be a nice touch. However, It is not advised to include anything that has your real name on it, or anything that can lead someone back to you or your family. It's also highly recommended that you add $20-$30 in cash, to be used as "sacrificial cash" using small bills. Adding this, keeps a mugger from noticing "fake" money and requesting your real one, in the event you cannot run. This is also the cash you can use for small purchases, but serves the purpose of making the wallet appear more realistic.
Decoy Wallet is great to carry every day, and can be used for several situations. If threatened and told to hand over your wallet, you can keep your real stash hidden, and give up the decoy instead. Best case scenario, you toss the fake wallet and run from your mugger. If you have nowhere to go, give them the decoy and hopefully they'll think they've got what they wanted and leave. If not, you can hand them the coins in your pocket as a further distraction.
While traveling, areas rich with tourist attractions also bring pickpocketers. It is recommended you hide your real wallet somewhere on your person that is more difficult to notice, leaving your decoy in a more common spot in the event you run into a pickpocketer.
Your Decoy Wallet is designed to be your first line of defense in a mugging or pickpocket situation, and will hopefully prevent a situation from being escalated further! It is meant to be used as a diversionary technique to give you the possible upper hand and provide you with more options. Decoy Wallet is your answer to a cheap insurance policy meant to buy you time in a situation we all hope you never have to deal with, but know can happen.
We highly advise you to use your best judgment and use Decoy Wallet with care and caution.

To avoid being easily identified, we frequently change the style of our Card Sets.

Getting ready to retire an old wallet? Use the Decoy Card Set to make your current wallet a DIY Decoy Wallet. Don’t use promo cards you get in the mail or a business card from a local business to create your own. Our Decoy Card Set will eliminate any risk of you being identified after an incident where your wallet is stolen.  

Each Decoy Card Pack contains the following:

  • Credit cards (2)

  • Membership card or gift cards (2)

  • Business cards (2)

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